What are the hours for the Computing HelpDesk?

  • The HelpDesk (3406-3418 Mayer Hall) is generally staffed between 730am to 4pm, Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). Assistance is available in person, via email at helpdesk@physics.ucsd.edu, via phone at x4-6389, or via the online help request system. Most non-urgent issues will receive a response that same business day, depending on volume. Non-urgent issues received after close on Fridays/Holidays will receive a response on the next business day. Critical issues (i.e. those involving a work stoppage or affecting an entire group) will be responded to ASAP.

Is there a limit to the amount of storage in my physics email account?

  • There is currently 5 GB default limit for the total size of all the messages in your email account. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis. There is a 10 GB limit for your home directory on physics-shell.ucsd.edu/physics-file.ucsd.edu.

I never received an email that was sent to me - what happened to it?

  • If the email in question was an auto reply (i.e. an airline ticket confirmation) it probably was held up in quarantine on the Barracuda server. Every morning the contents of your quarantine are sent to you via email. If you need to access your quarantine more often than that, a link to view your quarantine is also included at the end of that email (please note the link included in the email is only valid for that day). In general if you don't receive an email that you expected to, check your quarantine first. For more info click here.

I'll be graduating/leaving the department soon - what happens to my account?

  • In general if you are leaving the department on good terms you'll have access to your Physics account for at least 6 months after your official separation date. At that point we can set up a permanent email forward to redirect your physics email address to another address. Admin staff and those working for research groups may have their accounts disabled earlier at the request of their manager/PI. Your @ucsd.edu address can be forwarded for up to a year after your separation date, per ACT's policy.

What software is available through the department?

  • Anti virus software is available at no charge for all UCSD faculty, staff, and students. Click here for more info. Otherwise the computing facility only has software licenses for administrative staff and the lab computers in 3421 Mayer Hall. In general each research group manages its own software, so check with your group first. You can also purchase software at a discounted rate from the UCSD Bookstore for personal purchases, or from software.ucsd.edu for research/facility purposes.

My research group purchased software from Academic Computer Services. Can we install the software on all of our lab computers?

  • You can install the software on your computers provided that you purchased the proper number of licenses per the license agreement of the software vendor. Generally, you must purchase a license for each computer. While many software packages won't restrict you from installing on multiple machines, you should keep in mind that you may be violating the license agreement if you do so. Remember, you, not the University, will be legally responsible if you are found to be in violation of end-user licensing agreements. If you are unsure of what your software license entails, please visit ACS Software Distribution.

How much does it cost to print to the lab printers in 3421 Mayer Hall?

  • The Physics Computing Facility operates as a recharge facility. Printing to the lab printers in 3421 Mayer Hall is currently recharged at 10 cents per each black and white page and 15 cents per each color page. Graduate student printing is recharged to general Physics funds until the individual joins a research group; at that point printing is recharged to that group's funds.


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