There are two methods for network access in the Physics Department:


Wired (Ethernet)

  • To connect to the wired (Ethernet) network, a static IP address and hostname can be assigned to your machine so that you have full access to all network services (for web hosting purposes and other server services, for example). Please contact the Help Desk and be ready to provide your name, email address, office location, operating system, and computer MAC address. Please note that UCSD has minimum security standards that are required for machines to be connected to the network, including having antivirus and firewall software installed. For a complete listing of the standards please click here. Once you've received an IP address, instructions for configuring your system to use that address can be found here.


  • UCSD has a campus wide wifi network that is accessible from most locations. There are two wifi networks available, UCSD-GUEST and UCSD-PROTECTED. UCSD-GUEST can be accessed by any user, and is meant for short term visitors. As such UCSD-GUEST is restricted to web, webmail, and ssh connections only. More information and access instructions can be found on this site, under the "Access for guests" section. The UCSD-PROTECTED network is meant for faculty, staff, and students and provides security via encryption. Instructions for accessing UCSD-PROTECTED can be found here.


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