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About Us

The Physics Computing Facility (PCF) is a mid-sized computing recharge facility organized and managed to provide user-centered, highly collaborative, cost-effective, durable, agile and innovative solutions for researchers, academics, students and staff within the Department of Physics, the Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences; throughout the Division of Physical Sciences and across the UC San Diego La Jolla Campus. We currently manage daily interactive services for more than 400 campus users.

Offering end-to-end research, administrative and academic IT support for our clients we are able to leverage decades of campus and scientific domain expertise to offer comprehensive services including: scientific high performance computing clustering and workstation implementations, system administration and integration of computer-based data acquisition from laboratory equipment, custom OS and scientific domain application lifecycle management, storage solutions and network infrastructure design and implementation for use in department production environments and also in specialized scientific applications, web application development, user experience design, multimedia and graphic design services. We also cultivate relationships and partner with the San Diego Supercomputer Center and various Cloud Computing providers to offer flexible, scalable and cost-effective next-generation solutions.

In addition to scientific computing, our expertise in campus services and networks allow us to provide secure, flexible and timely end-user support, system administration, account provisioning, infrastructure development, authentication and application/data authorization and best-practices software and hardware solutions and support. These services are available to the UC San Diego user community at reasonable consulting rates.


Computer Lab

The PCF maintains a scientific-based user community computing lab located on the third floor of Mayer Hall, Room 3421, for use by Physics graduate students, faculty and staff. Our current configuration of Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux workstations provide cross-platform access to scientific, design and office productivity packages. The lab is equipped with three laser printers, two monochrome and one color, capable of printing on a variety of media.

Equipment Loans

Laptop computers and LCD projectors are available for short-term check out.

Please contact us for availability of equipment.

Contact Information

The computing staff strive to provide dependable and convenient service. Contact the Physics Computing Facility Helpdesk via our online request system, email us at helpdesk@physics.ucsd.edu, or call (858) 534-6389 and we will refer you to the best staff person to assist with your particular issue.


Bryan Hill
System Manager

Brendan Dennis
Database and Application Development/System Administrator

Simone Radice
Helpdesk Analyst/System Administrator

Kevin Smith
Computing Facilty Manager

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